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Antoñita is a collaborative performative piece created by Lukas Karvelis, Luka Ziobakaite and A. Crespo Barba.


«Tonight it's the night, when I have to face my grandma's sister spirit. It's time» 


This is the premise on which Antoñita is based on. This work compels the audience to also face that spirit in a journey that goes from a manifest and earthly world to the unknown of the self, converting the piece into a ritual where the dualities tangible-intangible, masculine-femenine or live-death, keep the performance always on the razor's edge.

This project has been supported by Arts Printing House (Vilnius, Lithuania), Residenza IDRA (Brescia, Italy) and Machel Shalem Dance (Jerusalem, Israel).

Expected premiere date: End of 2020

Original concept and idea: Lukas Karvelis, Luka Ziobakaite and A. Crespo Barba. 


Performers: Lukas Karvelis (dance and choreography), Luka Ziobakaite (lights and stage designing), A. Crespo Barba (music and sound design).

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