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Blank Spots (2018 / Revised in 2019)


Blank Spots is an electronic music piece for a solo dance performance created in collaboration with Lithuanian dancer and choreographer Lukas Karvelis. Karvelis himself said about the piece: «it deals with personal and collective identities. The performance consists of two parts which both challenge and complement each other. The first part features my alter ego Trisha which is a vulgar, extravagant individual constantly (re)inventing itself. Meanwhile, the second part inspired by Lithuanian folk culture and archetypes scrutinizes the collective identity often believed to be “given”. To what extent do I invent myself or to what extent am I a mere being – a product of my individual circumstances and collective context?»

The revised version of this piece was premiered on May 11th, 2019 at Arts Printing House (Vilnius). Commisioned by New Baltic Dance Festival.

Concept and choreography by Lukas Karvelis.

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