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Cántico I (Bass Clarinet concerto) (2017/2018)


The composition of Cántico I has three main elements as a cross-cutting themes: first, the inspiration in Luciano Berio's music, specially in his piece Voci (Folk songs II). In these piece Berio explores the italian folk music through question-answer passages between the solo viola and the two ensembles. This concept takes me to the second element: my love for flamenco music. Cántico is also an approach to flamenco singing through the bass clarinet, which is the third main element. Since I started composing I have found the bass clarinet one of the most lovely and inspiring instruments, and my passion for it was a determining factor for writing this piece.

This piece was premiered on May 26th, 2018 in Madrid. Conducted by Claudio Ianni and performed by Ensemble TAI. Soloist: Jaime González.

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