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CÁNTICO IV: Saeta por seguiriya jerezana is a multidisciplinary piece that explores the concept of saeta through sound and audiovisual processes. Here, the cantaor doesn't appear as a savior of the tradition but as a 'chaos bringer', being disintegrated through his own voice and transcending to a new phase where all the impurities of flamenco voice come to the forefront. 

«What dies on the cross is precisely this guarantee of the Big Other (...). The death of Christ is not any kind of redemption, it's simply the disintegration of the God which guarantees the meaning of our lives (...)»

This work was created in collaboration with Boris Edrosa (3D video and photography) and Andrea van Eyck (performer).

The piece was premiered on May 22nd, 2019 at Maaspodium (Rotterdam).

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