Cántico V is a forty minutes stage piece for electronic music (4 channels fixed media), video and performer. This work was created through Crespo's previous researches on cantaor flamenco’s role in contemporary art manifestations –on the understanding that flamenco is a conglomerate of social, cultural and performative expressions.


Cántico V proposes to take a look into the first protoflamenco manifestations that we know (romances, ancient saetas and preflamenco Andalusian folk music) in its transition to tonás –the first purely flamenco expression. In this context, the piece articulates itself around two questions: what would it happen if we reinterpret all these materials according to our current musical situation –videoclip revolution, Instagram era, electronic music festivals...? And, in doing so, can we rethink the role of flamenco singers from a more radical point of view, using their theatricality and their interaction with their environment? In other words, can a cantaor flamenco continue being so without singing? 

Commissioned by November Music and Flamenco Biënnale Nederland, and supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten.