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This piece is the result of a close collaboration between A. Crespo Barba and the experimental dancer and choreographer Lukas Karvelis. It was commissioned by the Lithuanian festival New Baltic Dance and supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera.

Instructions on How to Fall is a 35 minutes stage piece for two performers and a three-channel audio system. In this work, flamenco, electronic music, and dance, come together to bring forward an artistic entity. The project’s conceptualisation can be divided into two main research areas: to approach flamenco through the lens of contemporary dance theatre, and to dig deeper into the relationship between sonic and somatic practices. Focusing on the relation within the sounds that are made on stage by the artists and the electronic sounds that surround them, they entangle the role between composer and dancer. Throughout the experimentation sessions, Crespo Barba and Karvelis found a connection between the voluntary movements coming from the need to make sound and the opposite - finding movements that voluntarily come from listening to the sound. By breaking that idea into pieces and re-constructing it, they were able to sculpt it into a choreographed form.

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