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My first organ piece Hymno was composed as a commission issued by the festival Red Sofa Tien Jaar! in 2018. For a composer, the creation of a solo organ piece is naturally an exceptional challenge as the organ literature of figures such as Bach or Messiaen is always at the back of one's mind. For this reason I've tried to write a piece connected with that essence, including some passages as a kind of quotation: for example, I included a choral passage in the most pure Bach style but trying to deconstruct it and putting it on the high register, evocating the reminiscence of the great organ music of the past. The final part should work as a mantra: an everlasting chord that is floating through space and going towards the abyss.

This piece was premiered on March 24th, 2018 at De Doelen Grote Zaal (Rotterdam). Performed by Maurits Bunt.

Video created by Mateja Drev

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