This piece was composed as a commission issued by the AKOM Ensemble and the Codarts Composers Festival in 2019. The motivation behind this piece came after the discovery of Ibrahim El-Salahi's painting Reborn sounds of childhood dreams during a visit to the Tate Museum in London. More than the painting itself, which caught my attention was its name, so I decided to take it as a starting point to create my new piece.

The piece is divided in three movements: Daydreaming is an evocative whole soundscape that gives way to Fiesta, a martial movement which opposes to the previous one. The last movement, Candelas, is a very short accordion concerto dedicated to my sister. 

This piece was premiered on May 22nd, 2019 at Maaspodium Grote Zaal (Rotterdam). Performed by AKOM Ensemble and conducted by Roberto Beltrán.