(Upcoming) Cántico V, for performer, quadraphonic sound and video media (in collaboration with Mateja Drev)

(Upcoming) A tu vera (Ring of Resilience), for large orchestra

(Upcoming) Antoñita, dance theater (in collaboration with Lukas Karvelis and Luka Ziobakaite)

2019 - For James Oesi, for solo double bass

2019 - Cántico IV (Saeta por seguiriya jerezana), for electronics and two video projections

2019 - Tesseract, for audiovisual media (in collaboration with Boris Edrosa and It-Spain)

2019 - Cántico III, for female voice and large ensemble

2019 - Reborn Songs of Childhood Dreams, for chamber ensemble

2019 (Rev. 2021) - Steen in de vijver , for oboe, string trio and electronics

2019 - Blank Spots, electronic music for solo dance piece (in collaboration with Lukas Karvelis)

2018 - ​Cántico II (A la memoria de Antonio Mairena), for trombone quartet, electronics and video media

2018 - ​Hymno, for solo organ

2017 - Cántico I, for solo bass clarinet and chamber ensemble